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About Intersoft

Intersoft is a global business and technology consulting firm primarily serving consumer banks, wealth management firms, insurance companies and investment banks.

Intersoft also offers its clients risk management and compliance-related software products and services in banking and financial services. In addition to serving its clients in the financial world, Intersoft serves its clients in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing space.

In the technology arena, Intersoft focuses its efforts on infrastructure services including data centers, application development & maintenance (ADM), & applications development outsourcing (ADO). Intersoft has extensive experience and expertise in serving clients in enterprise application integration (EAI), ERP, data integration, data warehousing (DWH), business intelligence (BI), VoIP (Voice over IP), web services and cloud computing areas.

Intersoft launched it′s business more than 10 years ago, establishing its global headquarters in Tokyo. Intersoft later built two offshore development centers in India — the first one in Bangalore in 2000 and the second in Kolkata in 2010. Intersoft has operations in the US, Taiwan and Singapore and Hong Kong.

David Rakhit,   Founder & Chairman and Group CEO at “Intersoft KK”

Intersoft offers two sets of business models to our clients: Business Sustenance & Maintenance or Run-the-Business services; and Business Transformation or Change-the-Business services. Intersoft provides services and solutions utilizing off-the-shelf products and technologies along with customized solutions where necessary, to offer maximum value to our clients through joint ownership & joint strategies undertaken with the best execution. Intersoft works with its clients, stakeholders and partners in improving processes and procedures through an enhanced feedback system and customer service excellence programs.

Intersoft leverages the onsite, onshore, offshore and hybrid outsourcing models to offer a variety of flexible choices to its clients to maximize their business revenues & returns on investments (ROI), efficiency improvements and enhanced cost savings in business and technology operations. Intersoft enhances & nurtures the knowledge base & global human capital that it has built with 10 years of track record for delivering maximum value to its clients.