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Intersoft Global Friends

Having built up a very strong network of global clients, employees, partners and other valuable contacts, Intersoft Global Friends Group aims to provide a space for all these important people to maintain connections, re-connect and begin new connections.

Since 1999 Intersoft has grown from its first office in central Tokyo to having offices in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and US, having built up a very strong network of global clients, employees, partners and other valuable contacts.

With this broad range skilled people, we expect to have world-class opportunities shared, allowing people to live in many exciting countries, to learn, work and create new businesses.

We all look forward to seeing employees, clients and partners – past and present – to share, enjoy and join the momentum as we enter the age of Global Managed Services.


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Intersoft has successfully developed a global network of people around the world from Asia, to North America, and to Europe over the last decade. Our network people consists of former Intersofters to current Intersofters, our clients, partners, advisers, investors and well-wishers. Intersoft Global Friends’ Group aims to provide a forum and space for all these groups of people to stay connected, re-connect and/or begin a brand new connection.

If you have worked for us and/or currently working for us, please feel free to join our network of Intersofters; you will receive a newsletter on a regular basis updating stories about these successful people, friends and their families. Also, you can participate in the Intersofter’s blog and be a part of the global brand that you can be proud of.