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Intersoft Story

Intersoft was established in Tokyo at the start of the millennium by a passionate, driven young CEO named Debashis David Rakhit.

The name INTERSOFT represents a global Japanese/English bilingual software company. This name is derived from the ideal of an international collaboration of capable individuals, utilizing multinational logic, philosophy, and mathematics to create outstanding and unique software. The portion ‘INTER’ represents ‘INTERNATIONAL’, and ‘SOFT’ stands for ‘SOFTWARE’, which gives birth to ‘INTERSOFT’.

Building upon the initial hard work of a few individuals, Intersoft gained greater traction in the Managed Services industry and began to grow internally and globally. By 2010 after just 10 years and starting with one employee in its flagship office in Tokyo, Intersoft now has a number of offices around the world giving it global presence along with a workforce of more than 200 talented, bilingual employees focused primarily in Information technology.

  • May 2013

    Our new website has been launched.

  • March 2012

    Product Development

    Intersoft Kolkata team started working on a product development.

  • January 2011

    Hong Kong office established

    Intersoft Hong Kong established and start the operations.

  • November 2010

    Hawkeye AML/KYC SaaS

    Hawkeye AML/KYC SaaS Version is launched in November

  • May 2010

    India second office

    Intersoft India’s second development center is setup in Kolkata in May

  • January 2009

    Hawkeye AML/KYC

    Hawkeye AML/KYC v 2.0 launched

  • January 2008

    Hawkeye AML/KYC

    Intersoft launches its flagship Hawkeye AML/KYC product v 1.0 for financial risk management

  • January 2006

    Singapore & Taiwan

    Intersoft Singapore commences business 2005 – Intersoft Taiwan starts operations

  • January 2003

    US offices established

    Intersoft US offices established in New York City and San Jose, California

  • January 2000

    India’s first development center

    Intersoft ‘s first offshore development center established in Bangalore, India

  • August 1999

    Intersoft Japan

    Intersoft Japan established in August, first client engagement started in Jan, 2000

The following is a brief history of the founder and other co-founders of Intersoft

Debashis David Rakhit always wanted to build a company of his own but he did not know how, when and where he would do so. Trained as an engineer, he knew he needed to learn all aspects of business and so he specialized in entrepreneurship while doing his MBA at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles. David absorbed as much information as possible, particularly about how big companies work, while he was working at Unisys (California) as a Systems Engineer, as a Derivatives Trader at Citibank (Tokyo), and as Sales at Reuters (Tokyo) as well as Dow Jones Telerate Tokyo (Kyodo News).

David was always an ambitious man, pushing for greater results from himself, reaching for the next levels – in knowledge, education and entertainment. A turning point came when Dow Jones Telerate was sold to Bridge in 1998. David felt a driving need to grow beyond predefined responsibilities offered by the new company that was Bridge, with his ambition leading him to venture out seeking independent opportunities.

By this time, David had gained knowledge as a Systems Engineer, a Trader, and as a Salesperson. He had built a strong sales network in Japan; he also knew that if you are successful in establishing a business in Japan, you can succeed anywhere in the world. So, David established Intersoft K.K. in 1999 and was the first employee. Today, Intersoft K.K. with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, has more than 200 employees worldwide and offices in India, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. The company has established a solid reputation providing services to blue chip companies in the financial, manufacturing and telecom industry.

Intersoft has rich implementation experience with global clients, including Fortune 500 organizations, across multiple business and technology domains and the tremendous level of customer satisfaction is reflected in the high percentage of repeat business.