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Employment Opportunity

Job Category Infrastructure Engineer or Application Engineer or Embedded Engineer or Mobile Apps Engineer (You decide and you take charge of your life and career.)
Salary “New graduates” Per Market Average Salary
Allowance Overtime, Commutation allowance where applicable
Performance Appraisal Annual
Place of Work Japan / Abroad
Leave -Holiday-
Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays

-Paid leave-
10-12 days for the first year of employment (to be used only after working for 6-month period. Accruing at one paid vacation day per year of employment. (leave taken in 1/2 day increments)

-Other leave-
Marriage, Maternity, bereavement, Caregiving, and others depending on that country

Insurance Health insurance, unemployment, workman’s compensation, pension, and others, if applicable

Useful Links

General Information

Multlingual Living Information
Information about daily life necessary for foreigners to live in Japan is included on this homepage in several languages.

Living Information Comprehensive
Living Guide for Foreign Residents in Japan.

Hiragana Times is a site for finding information about Japan, such as travel (hotels), living, jobs, housing, visas, Shopping, Japanese language schools, international parties and finding friends.

Japan Reference
The Japan Directory helps you to generate reliable search results by mining for hidden data related to almost every aspect of Japan.

Web Japan
Web Japan was launched with the aim of helping people around the world get to know more about Japan and the Japanese.
Community site for the people who study Japanese (Written in Japanese).


Japan Helpline
Japan Helpline, Japan’s only 24 hour non-profit, nationwide emergency assistance service.

Fire and earthquake preparedness
This is a part of Tokyo Fire Department’s website.
Tokyo metropolitan medical Institution Information Search engine of hospital in Tokyo.

Official Bureau
Immigration Bureau of Japan Website
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners
Japan Meteorological Agency This site contains weather news.
Embassy link This page is a part of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website.
Human Rights Counseling Offices For Foreigners

Japanese Postal Service
Yamato Transport

NTT Phone, Internet, and other communication service
KDDI Phone, Internet, and other communication service
NTT Docomo Mobile phone vendor
AU Mobile phone vendor

Asahi Weekly
Daily Yomiuri online
Mainichi Daily News Nikkei Net Interactive

Transportation & Travel
Tokyo Metro
Toei Transportation JR East
Narita Airport
Haneda Airport
Map of Japan
JNTO Website Travel information in Japan  Housing
Room search Japan
J&F Network