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Application Development & Maintenance – (ADM)


We have engineers who can support Wall Street Systems and/or Murex systems and the Sungard systems. All of our engineers get trained on our in-house developed applications and then we assist and support your products either from 7 to 7 and/or 24X7 depending on your need. Furthermore, we send our own in-house engineers to support Intersoft kk developed product: AML-KYC and PTS.

Intersoft Application Support

For Intersoft products and applications, our technical experts will provide comprehensive application support services (level 1 and level2)to our customers We can customize support inside or outside business hours(9a.m to 6p.m. or from 7a.m. to 7p.m. or 24X7) depending on our customers’ needs.

Proprietary Application Support

We work with our customers to train our top-notch engineers and provide reliable application support services that integrate seamlessly to the customers’ environment. This allows customers to focus their internal resources on value added development, while saving costs.

Third-Party Package Application Support

We have experienced support engineers who are trained in widely used packages such as Wall Street Systems, Murex Systems and Sungard Systems. We then provide services that are cost-effectively tailored to fit the customers’ needs. Our engineers can also be trained in other packaged systems upon request.

Client proprietary & third-party package ADM

These development and support services are geared for our clients in the banking, finance, and insurance industry in the area of derivatives trading, support as well as compliance and anti-money laundering space. Some of the third-party products that our engineers have expertise are Calypso, Murex, Sumit, Actimize to name a few… learn more

Applications development using the Java and DotNet stack in both
  • Onshore
  • Offshore
  • Hybrid model (combination of onshore and offshore to offer a blended pricing model)

Web design, development, SEO and support using open sources such as the LAMP stack utilizing the below model to offer our clients an added advantage: a. onshore, b. offshore and c. hybrid model (combination of onshore and offshore to offer a blended pricing model)

Testing :

whether it is manual and/or automated? Please leave it to us as a third-party so you can focus on your core business of generating revenues. We can offer testing platforms onshore or offshore or a combined model. We have done for clients both manual and automated testing of a variety of applications in the financial industry, embedded industry and in the world of web – internet portals or intranet portals.