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Embedded Engineering Services

Intersoft realises the importance of value engineering and enables enterprises to maximize returns by offering innovative technology solutions and services to remain current, aligned and relevant to the constantly evolving digital world.
We help you transform imaginative ideas into intelligent leading products through continuous design, development, maintenance and testing services for device engineering, platform engineering and application engineering. Our agile smart process framework provides high quality, transparent and better control for strategic sourcing. This process framework is optimized and aligned to business needs in delivering best value for money.

Intersoft offers complete solutions for all your device engineering needs, from devices, to their controllers and finally to the management system and enterprise system connectivity.

Device Engineering:
Design, develop and support of firmware, boot loaders, BIOS, embedding OS like Linux, WinCE, Nucleus, device drivers for readers/ smart cards, printers, displays, keyboards, pinpads, connectivity solutions, power management, DSPs, A/V Codecs, SoCs, MMC, USB, RFID, NFC and other process specific devices and sensors
Front End Processors:
Design, develop and support middleware such as data concentrators, MUX’es, MUC, local controllers, store/depot/station computers, cluster controllers, set top boxes (STB), home gateways (HG) etc.
Central Management Systems:
Design, develop and support element management system (EMS), terminal management systems (TMS), network management systems (NMS), distributed control systems (DCS), supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), QoS monitoring systems (SM)
Enterprise Application Integration:
Design, develop and support standard interfaces and adapters to connect to enterprise systems via FTP, Corba, ASN.1, XML, Flat files, messaging bus, web services and others.
Our Services address the following Verticals :
  • Intelligent payment solutions – AFC, Tolling and Parking & Payment Solutions
  • POS solutions: Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment & utility payments
  • Industrial Automation: SCADA, data telemetry, process control, energy metering
  • Telecommunications: Network monitoring systems, QoS, & Wireless Handset engineering
  • Consumer Electronics and Intelligent Homes: Lifestyle solutions, connectivity solutions, home gateways, STB
  • Automotive : Infotainment solutions, Instrumentation cluster, ECU, test & validation, MISRA-C, AUTOSAR
  • Avionics and Aerospace: Test and validation DO178 B/C, DO278