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Salesforce Consulting Services

Comprehensive Solutions to Meet Diverse Business Needs

Intersoftkk is a trusted partner of Salesforce, offering a wide range of Salesforce consulting services and solutions to help businesses optimize their customer relationship management (CRM) processes. With Salesforce's tools and resources, Intersoftkk streamlines business processes enhances customer interactions, and drives growth. With a commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions, Intersoftkk and Salesforce work together to help businesses succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Sales Cloud Implementation

Set up and customize Salesforce for managing sales processes and customer data.

Service Cloud Implementation

Implement Salesforce for customer service and support, including case management and knowledge base.

Pardot Implementation

Configure and integrate Salesforce's marketing automation tool for lead generation and nurturing.

Integration of external System with Salesforce

Connect Salesforce with other business systems to streamline data and processes.

Custom App using Salesforce Platform

Build custom applications on Salesforce to meet unique business needs.

Features we offer on salesforce consulting services

Identify issues and diagnose problems

Salesforce Consulting and Strategy

Categorize solution

Salesforce Implementation and Customization

Problem identification

Salesforce Integration and Migration

Monitor Issues

Salesforce Support and Maintenance

Higher level support

Salesforce Data Migration


Community Cloud Implementation

Six Steps for Providing Comprehensive Salesforce Services to Boost Your Business Efficiency

Identify the client's needs

The first step is to understand what the client is looking for. This includes understanding their business processes, pain points, and goals. This step involves having a consultation meeting with the client to gather as much information as possible.

Create a project plan

Once you have a good understanding of the client's needs, you can create a project plan that outlines the scope of work, timeline, milestones, and deliverables. This plan should be communicated clearly to the client to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Design and configure Salesforce

Based on the project plan, you can begin designing and configuring Salesforce to meet the client's needs. This might involve creating custom objects, workflows, reports, and dashboards, as well as integrating Salesforce with other systems.

Test and validate

Once the Salesforce configuration is complete, it's important to thoroughly test and validate the system. This ensures that everything is working as expected and that the client's requirements have been met.

Train users

After the system has been tested and validated, it's important to train the client's users on how to use Salesforce. This might involve creating user manuals, holding training sessions, and providing ongoing support.

Provide ongoing support

Finally, it's important to provide ongoing support to the client to ensure that their Salesforce system continues to meet their needs. This might involve fixing bugs, making minor adjustments, and providing advice and guidance on how to get the most out of Salesforce.

our product

How we develop your Product

Gathering & Understanding of Client Requirement
Project Management & Team Formation
UI/UX Design & Prototyping
Concept Implementation & Development
Testing & Bug Fixing
Deployment & Go Live
Support & Maintenance

Business Benefit with Intersoft

Optimized business process







Cost effectiveness

Hire Professional

Why choose Intersoft?

Reduce operating expenditures
Improve operational efficiency
Drive innovation
Helps business focus on their core competencies
Speed up clients’ products time-to-market by up to 50%
Test out your boldest ideas in our in-house R&D lab
Deploy development team and ramp up quickly
Save development costs by 30-40%

industry experience

With our 23+ years of excellence in wide, range of Industry to bring valuable insights and beneficial solutions to clients

Fintech & Online Banking

Automotive & Mobility Industry

Block Chain & Cryptocurrency

Telecom & Networking Industry

Electronic Vehicle Industry

AI / ML & IoT Industry

E-Commerce & Retail Industry

Robotics Process Automation

Online Educational Industry

Health Care & Life Science Industry



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